Our goal is to create responsibly & mindfully.

Who we are.

We're normal people just trying to be responsible. the Linger does produce goods, so we look for ways to produce less and lower our impact.

We always promise to question and improve in every aspect, from environmental impact to the culture we contribute.


Every aspect of the packaging has been thoughtfully considered. Our first focus is making everything recyclable & compostable. As we grow, our next focus is reusability.

We're working on program to ship back empties, sterilize, and safely reuse the atomizer. When the atomizer reaches its end of life, we'll handle getting it to proper recycling centers.

  • The Atomizer

    The atomizer is glass & polypropylene (PP) plastic. PP plastic can be recycled infinitely, but not all cities recycle PP yet. If recycling on your own, please check first.


    We're working on a reusability program, so even better if you could hang on to those empties!

  • The Packaging

    Both the sticker & atomizer box are 100% compostable.


    Most product boxes have a matte or glossy plastic layer. Our box has a water based coating, making it recyclable and compostable.

  • The Shipping Box

    Corrugated cardboard, which is recyclable & compostable.


    See that shipping sticker? It's compostable too! It's FSC certified paper with non-toxic adhesive.